Bark Mini – Armband for Miao Miao, the Libre reader

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Armband for Miao Miao. Solidity, lightness and comfort.


English (angielski) Español (hiszpański) Italiano (włoski)

Bark Bark, Bark Mini and Kiwi are the first shells designed specifically to support and defend Miao Miao.


Main features of Bark Mini are lightness, the smallest size and extreme strength thanks to the material used, sintered nylon, far more resistant than any other material used in common amateur 3D printers (such as the most fragile PLA and ABS).


Bark Mini is designed with ultra-thin walls and rounded corners for a better fit and extreme comfort. And the skin thanks.


1 Armband
1 3D extra-strength shell

Colours and Materials

We send Bark Mini in white colour. However, on Shapeways you can buy Bark Bark in many colours and materials!


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